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Concrete Saw / Quick Cut Hire Willunga

After a quick cut? We have you covered $90 8hrs - $110 24hrs - $450 7 Days Looking for more tools for your next project, check out what else we have to help CLICK HERE Suitable for concrete, stone and masonry, steel blades also available (please let us know what you are cutting so we can set you up with the appropriate blade) Max Cut Depth - 125mm First time using using a quick cut check how to get it started here

HOW TO START HUSQVARNA K770 QUICK CUT 1. Make sure it is loaded up with the correct fuel and the red stop trigger isn't flicked

2. Press the decompression valve on the side of the tool (small blue button on the side opposite the pull cord) 3. Press the primer to fill the lines with fuel (clear press able button on the same side as the decompression valve) 4. Pull out blue choke 5. Pull start cord (the machine will make a sound like it is about to start over)

6. Push blue choke in

7. Pull pull cord again

8. If using for cutting stone or concrete plug your hose into the tool and set the flow

9. Use red stop switch when you are done Need to change the blade check out our video below


  1. Use the tool that comes with the saw, or appropriate socket

  2. Clamp blade or use a pin to stop it rotating

  3. Remove the fixing bolt in the centre of the blade (keep track of how it comes apart)

  4. Remove blade

  5. Put new blade in (the direction of the blade will be marked on the blade and the saw make them match)

  6. Put back the plate and fixing bolt

  7. Clamp and sinch the bolt firmly

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