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Dingo Hire/Front Loader Hire - Willunga Storage And Hire

Looking for a mini skid steer to hire? We have you covered with our Dingo $140 = 4hrs

$200 = 24 hrs

$850 = 7 Days Safety

There are a few things to things about safety wise for the dingo,

  1. Keep track of where you are and who is around you, be careful of your surroundings

  2. Where gloves when changing attachments and wash your hands if you get any hydrolic fluid on your hands

  3. Where the appropriate PPE

Safety Equipment

  • Ear Muffs/Plugs

  • Gloves

  • Safety Footwear

First time using a Dingo skid steer ? Check out our video below for all the controls

Good news is all the controls are all labeled on the machine and simple to work, just take it slow when you are getting started Need to change attachments ? Check out our video below

It is a good Idea to wear gloves when changing attachments to avoid getting hydraulic fluid on your hands and make sure to keep yourself clear of the attachment while it is loose. How to change attachments on the dingo K9 3

  1. Set the arm of the machine at a convenient height with the tool tilted forward slightly

  2. Undo hoses from the machine and connect them to each other

  3. Lift the pins that hold the attachment onto the plate on the dingo

  4. Stand on the back of the dingo and lower the arm and tilt forward to drop off the attachment

  5. Use the dingo to pick up the new attachment

  6. Turn the pins to hold the attachment to the plate

  7. Attach the hoses if it is a hydraulic attachment

Are you picking it up yourself? Check out this video on how to load it onto our trailer

How to load the Dingo skid steer onto a trailer

  1. ALWAYS CHECK YOUR TOW BALL, the trailer must be properly hitched onto the car if it lifts off it can make the trailer lift up and it could cause damage to your car.

  2. Lower the ramps

  3. Reverse the dingo onto the trailer, depending on the attachments you are hiring you may need to drive straight on but you want the majority of the weight over the wheel arch/towards the car

  4. Strap the dingo using the anchor points on each side

  5. Put the ramps back up

If there is anything else you need get intouch

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