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How To Set Up And Use Genie Super Hoist - Willunga Storage And Hire

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Thanks for choosing Willunga Storage and Hire for your next project How To Set Up And Use Genie Super Hoist

The Genie Super Hoist is a great piece of equipment an d very simple to use Lifting Capacity : 130 kg

Lift Height : 3.8m Setting Up The Genie Supper Hoist :

1: Open all 4 legs on level ground 2: Connect regulator to gas bottle and quick attachment to the hoist itself

3: Open gas bottle 4: Test 3 control levers on the handle Trouble Shooting the Genie Super Hoist The regulator is leaking : Check there is a rubber O ring on the regulator where it marries up to the gas bottle, if not we supply extras that will be duct taped to the top of the shaft on the hoist

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