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Tipper Trailer Hire Willunga

WIllunga Storage and hire offers tipper trailers for hire

Check below for how to operate the tipper trailer and some basic trouble shooting if somthing goes wrong during your hire

1 - Put car in park/in gear with the hand break on

2 - Remove rear flap on trailer and put the washers and lugs on the welded bolts on the wheel arch

3 - You will find the controls under the front corner of the box on the tipper trailer (2 buttons one up/one down)

4 - Tilt trailer as high as required

5 - Make sure everything has come out, if not drive the car forward slightly

6 - Drop the trailer with the other button under the trailer box

7 - Put the back flap on using the washers and lugs

Trouble Shooting The breaks are locking while I drive - Check the cable break hasnt been left on

Trailer isn't breaking when I slow down - Check the break stopper isnt engaged (found behind the tow ball on the neck of the trailer attachment) I am having trouble reversing the trailer - Engage the break stopper, the breaks may be coming on while you reverse

The tipper trailer isnt lifting properly - You may have over loaded the trailer or the battery is running flat. Reduce the load slightly and try again, if that doesnt work you may find pluging a car charger onto the battery for 10min and trying again will get you out of trouble. Please call us and we will come and we will bring a new battery if required Missing Trailer Lugs - Please let us know immediately so we can replace them, we leave spare nuts as back ups on the bolts welded on the wheel arches

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