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Tipping Bin Trailer Hire - Willunga Storage And Hire

Caged Tipping Trailer Hire

8 Hrs Hire =$70 - 24 Hrs Hire =$85 7 Days Hire - $450

1. Park car with hand break on

2. Open gate completely and clip it back using the clips on the side of the cage to hold it open(it will slam if you don't)

3. Remove rear flap

4. Hold the button on the trailer to tip (under the front passenger side of the box)

5. You may need to drive forwards to let all the material come out

6. Hold the other button to lower the trailer (under the front passenger side of the box)

7. Put Back Rear Flap and close the gate

Need some tips for towing check out this Blog Post Trouble shooting

  • Trouble reversing - make sure the break stopper is in place while you reverse, so the breaks aren't engaging under load

  • Tipper Isn't Lifting - Most likely the battery is flat you can put a car charger on the battery if you have one and we will drop off a replacement battery as soon as possible

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